Behind the Scenes: OCF Night Photography

September 09, 2013

This is the first behind the scenes post and I hope to do many more! Today I wanted to show a few photos from a recent wedding where we used off camera flash for night photography. Here's one setup: 

Here's the same exact set up, but from a different angle. 

Here is the behind the scenes photo of how we lit this image. 

(That's me in the top left holding a flash in a beauty dish). This was a three light set up. 

We also took a few photos by a lake and used one off camera flash to light these below. 

Here's the same lighting set up, but from a different angle. 

Here's the behind the scenes shot with my second shooter Alex Schon holding a flash in an umbrella. 

We strive to provide a variety of both natural and creative artificial lighting for a our images, to create gorgeous galleries for our clients.