Marjorie Jones Photography | Before and After: Problem Solving

Before and After: Problem Solving

November 08, 2013

I wanted to share this edit because everyone makes mistakes. At this session I took a lot of photos: family shots, individual shots, couple shots, candids and pairs of children shots. However, I forgot to get a sibling shot! That required some problem solving on my part after the session. 


I searched through the photos to see if I had any images where the parents were isolated. This way I could remove them from the photo. I knew I did NOT want to simply crop the parents out, as some inexperienced photographers would do. With cropping you lose information and reduce the quality of the photo. For that reason, I rarely crop in post processing. 


What did I do? I carefully removed the parents from the shot below in Photoshop. This was a huge edit and I definitely could not have done it without CS6 (earlier versions did not have the capability to remove such large elements). 

This was a time consuming edit even with CS6. The majority of the parents could be removed automatically, but then I had to manually clean up the rest of the image. I'm quite proud of the results ;)