Marjorie Jones Photography | Before and After: How Editing Should Be

Before and After: How Editing Should Be

August 22, 2013

I'll be doing several posts with before and after topics. Today I'm going to be sharing how MOST before and after shots should look. Here is a before and after shot from one of my recent sessions. 

As you can see, there is NOT a huge difference between the before (right out of the camera shot) and after shot. That's a GOOD thing. Why? Because it shows that I'm getting as much correct in the camera as possible. A lot of times, I will see photographers post before and afters and the work they have done to the photo is extensive and has taken several hours. Now, we all make mistakes and some photos do require that kind of work. However, that should be rare. 95% of my work looks like the before photo above which is why I wanted to show case this example.


Having this "clean" of a photo right out of the camera, frees up my time to present my clients with a greater number of images in their gallery and to do more fine editing to the image like enhancing the eyes and skin. 


This is why I take the time to set up EVERYTHING I can in the camera during the session. If your images are not looking like this on location, you need to work on your exposure, coloring and lighting skills.