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OCF and Night Photography

August 12, 2013

Night photography is some of my favorite and I've recently begun to incorporate it into weddings. I got so many questions about how I did the photo above.

  • I knew what type of shot I wanted beforehand
  • When evening came I scouted out a good location
  • I set up my light on a stand and took some test shots using my second shooter (test shots are a must as you don't want to be bothering your client)
  • Made in camera and flash adjustments 

The illuminated clouds were pure luck. There were storms and lighting in the distance which gave the clouds great definition. Here is another example of the same setup, just taken at a different location and a little later in the evening. 

The thing that is difficult with taking these shots later in the evening is that the camera struggles to focus. My camera was searching and searching to focus for the shot above. Last and most important, be careful no one looks at the flash directly when it fires!