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July 02, 2014

I recently filed formally for my business name to be changed on Facebook from "MJ Photography" to "Marjorie Jones Photography." It's been a time consuming process and one that I thought over greatly. Why did I decide to rebrand my business?


1. Jasmine Star recommends branding YOU, not a separate business name. It is much easier to remember and locate a photographer by their name.


2. There were many, many "MJ Photography" businesses out there and it was causing confusion for clients. 


3. Payments and taxes are easier using my name. 


4. My logo was rebranded with "Marjorie Jones Photography" and I want a cohesive brand.  My initials "MJ" will still be a part of my brand, but to a lesser extent. 


5. My other social media sites use "Marjorie Jones Photography" as my business name and my Facebook page URL was already: It just made sense to have the page match the URL. 


I'm very excited about all the changes that are taking place with my business this year. New business cards and advertising products are on order with my new logo/brand and I can't wait to share!