Marjorie Jones Photography | Are You Pinning Your Photos?

Are You Pinning Your Photos?

September 11, 2014

It's that time of year again, time for annual family photos! You're wondering what to wear, which location to select and what style you want for your photos. Where do you head for this inspiration? Pinterest! It's a great resource, but often clients get so consumed taking photo inspiration that they forget to share inspiration by pinning their photos. 


Here are some easy steps to share inspiration on Pinterest from your family session this year:


Create a Board   

Make sure to select "photography" as the category of the board. Give a short description like "Our photo session at the beach" or "Family photos 2014."


Pin your Photos

Upload your photos! Keep descriptions brief: "Engagement photo at lake," "Little boy playing at the beach," etc. My image "Engagement photo with kids" has been pinned 125 times. 

Give Credit 

This is so important. Be sure to credit the photographer by linking their website in the source section under the photo.  


Share Resources

It's a great idea to pin clothing, shoes or accessories used at your session to your board. Most sites have a "pin it" button making sharing easy.