Marjorie Jones Photography | Ana Brandt Workshop: Newborns

Ana Brandt Workshop: Newborns

August 10, 2015

I attended Ana Brandt's NYC workshop this past July! It was my first workshop and did not disappoint. I decided at the beginning of this year that I wanted to invest in one learning experience and selecting Ana Brandt's workshop was an easy choice. I have learned so much from her free online sources, her photography style is similar to my own and she uses a mix of natural and studio light. 

I wanted a workshop that was in person because you learn so much more being physically present. I also wanted a workshop that taught how to use studio (strobe) lighting. I know the in's and out's of natural light and off camera flash, but I've never worked with strobes. 

We started the day off with the little boy above using natural light. Ana taught us how to get three different transitions from one set by taking photos from various angles, removing wraps and hats and reposing newborns. 

We took a quick break for lunch and went to our second newborn model...this little guy! This model was also shot with natural light.

I learned how to perfect my shots of newborns taken from above by getting overhead. I used the 24-70mm lens for the entire workshop. I normally shoot newborns with primes, so it was learning experience to use a zoom. I said I would NEVER purchase the 24-70mm as it doesn't reflect my photography style, but now that I used it for studio work I'm reconsidering. It much easier than changing between three different primes for one session. 

Ana brought furs, wraps, layering pieces, baskets, hats, etc for the newborn models. Everyone that attended the workshop got to select a newborn wrap, two knitted newborn sets, a note pad, water bottle, tote bag and a maternity gown. 

Our first newborn model was still present after we finished with the second model, so we setup studio lighting and took family photos and a few more individual newborn photos.

This suspender set was so sweet and the lighting was perfect!

Our last model for the day was a little girl! We used studio light for her session as it was late in the day. An Alien Bee 800 camera left in a 30x60 Buff softbox was used for these images. I purchased the same lighting used during the workshop and can't wait to get started using studio light in my home studio! I would also like to purchase a Baby Shusher for sessions as it worked wonders with the three newborns we had in NYC.