Marjorie Jones Photography | 5 Tips for Family Photo Sessions

5 Tips for Family Photo Sessions

September 04, 2015

1. Book Early. 

Fall is the the most popular time of year for photos. The weather is ideal, there's colorful foliage, and everyone wants to have family photos for their holiday card! If you wait to book a session with a photographer till October, they most likely will not have availability. 

2. Color coordinate, don't match.

Gone are the days of jeans with matching white shirts! Try to select two complimentary colors (red and cream, teal and coral, light pink and gray, etc) as the base to build what you will wear. When in doubt, nearly every color looks great paired with white. Remember, if you introduce a color on one family member, someone else in the group needs to incorporate the color too for cohesion. Colors don't have to be repeated with clothing alone, shoes or accessories can also  tie in a color. 

3. Select clothes appropriate for the location/season.

Jeans and plaid shirts are a great choice for fall photos at the park, but not for the beach. Dressy clothes are perfect for formal locations like gardens. Cute boots, colorful scarves, and coats are a good option for winter sessions in the snow. 

4. Completer pieces are key.

Most people only think about clothing for their session, but taking the time to add accessories like jewelry, fashion scarves, cardigans, jean jackets or fur vests, cute boots/shoes complete a look. It's also another way to incorporate your color scheme. 

5. Bring bribes or help!

It's a good idea to bring a small treat for kids or plan to do something fun after the session, so that they are motivated to cooperate. Bringing a family member or friend to assist at your session can also make the process go more smoothly.